About Britt Willoughby Dyer

I’m a PA/Office Manager for a highly acclaimed and talented garden designer. The influence of work together with dreams of living the romantic country lifestyle, finally led me to being brave and making the plunge. I’m a far cry from my Battersea flat and now live in this most beautiful little cottage in Ruscombe, Gloucestershire. I couldn’t help but document all the trials and many an error so far, most of it is hilarious and others will just make your head shake in a ‘told you so’ way. I’m still very fortunate enough to be dipping in and out of London with work, so I feel very lucky. I’m also a photographer and have a little bit of published work in Gardens Illustrated, so what better way to document my own surroundings that this blog. I hope you’ll laugh and occasionally sympathise with me, throughout my exciting journey which began in August 2012!


3 thoughts on “About Britt Willoughby Dyer

  1. Hi Britt,
    How are you? It was lovely to read about your many adventures over the past twenty years since our days in Nottingham. We live in Gloucestershire too. Would be lovely to hear from you.
    Sarah Scott

    • Hi Sarah,
      Nice to hear from you. It’s great to be finally settled in the countryside at last. Commuting to London wasn’t much fun in the end & 20 years of London life took its toll. How funny you live in Glos too, it’s a stunning county, when did you move down?Are you all keeping well?
      Best wishes

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