Wild Carrot, Seed Heads & Lady Grey

This morning was perfect to capture the flower heads still going strong in the meadow as well as the pretty thalictrum and the poppy seed heads.

I sowed wild carrot seed when I moved here in 2012 and to my delight it has finally taken hold and decided to flower.  This has rather put a hold on my cutting the meadow at the moment as most of it is now very brown and ready to go.  I’ve collected rattle seed for my friend Kristy and am now waiting for the poppies to seed, so I can collect this and propagate for next year.  Having had the pleasure of learning about propagation by Marina Christopher, I’ve decided to gather my own seed, make cuttings and try to just multiply all that is already here.  The borders will change yet again and a new herbaceous border is in the planning which will begin in the autumn.  The lavender is beautiful with the gaura and alliums, but I’m sure my postman can’t bear brushing past it everyday, especially when the bees are at their busiest, so I’m thinking of changing it to a smaller variety, there are mixed opinions about this!

I am also introducing my adorable new photography assistant Lady Grey, she’s made herself very much at home here at Hawthorn Cottage and is loving the pathways through the meadow which she currently uses as a racetrack!

I’ve been working on some wonderful photo shoots recently and hoping to get not only this work but my new website up and running very soon, it’s so nearly there!

BN2A3286BN2A3284 BN2A3196 BN2A3198 BN2A3276


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