The Beauty of the Rose

It has been a fantastic year for roses.  They have all really pushed the boat out and produced the most incredible blooms.  For some reason the only ones I can really get to grow well are the climbers and the two I have are Paul’s Himalayan Musk and Astra Desmond.

Both completely exceeded expectations, the musk rose really gathered pace this year and her small dainty pale pink flowers with a tiny deep pink centre created a cloud of beauty around the trunk of my pear tree.

BN2A0288 BN2A0289

In the spring I spent an age attaching and securing the boughs of Astra Desmond along the front of my cottage which I have been hugely rewarded for with her extraordinary display.  The small delicate blush pink buds opened to reveal a gentle ‘top of the milk’ colour which then faded to this most heavenly vintage creamy/grey, such a sight!

BN2A0296 BN2A0302 BN2A0306

I’m ever hopeful that Kiftsgate might decide to flower in year 4… if not… she will be finding a new home in the autumn of 2016 (or maybe sooner!).


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