An Adventure Along Robbers Road

It’s that magical time of year again when Randwick woods are bountiful of bluebells, wild garlic, anemones and violets. Courtney, my neighbour & also photographer, & her sweet Border Terriers, Elsa and Albie decided to explore the woods, we were on a mission to try our new cameras and they were searching for squirrels! We walked for 2.5hrs getting slightly lost along the way, but the distraction of the scenery surrounding us was all consuming and captivating.

We began the walk behind both our cottages, getting the steepest part done at the very beginning, we passed through paths laden with wild garlic on either side and some wood melick with its fine and dainty fronds pushing through to reach the light.

The beech trees leaves are just emerging with their fresh youthful leaves, giving us a beautiful lime green canopy with a sprinkle of pretty light throughout. I should probably mention that the weather was very patchy during our walks, the wind was rather wild outside the wood and the trunks were rubbing together creaking and wavering around, making the setting rather theatrical, however the light whether flat or dappled, created rather different stories throughout which I really loved.

My images capture not just the incredible carpet of dainty bluebells, with their bells that curl so beautifully at the ends, and also the white drumsticks of alliums, but also the simplicity of the wood itself, with its striking tall tree trunks and pathways that wind their way through. One of the pathways we found ourselves walking along was an old highway called Robbers Road, which made us look behind ourselves on a number of occasions, in fact this was one of those times that we got lost and the trees seemed much louder than before! We then arrived at an amazing quarry clearing, displaying an incredible network of tree roots and creating a truly magical woodland wonderland.

Lily of the Valley might have to be published shortly after this! Inspiration is all around at this time of year and I’m grabbing it with both hands.

Wood Mellick amongst the Wild Garlic



4 thoughts on “An Adventure Along Robbers Road

  1. Wild garlic leaves make a great pesto. When I lived in Germany I would always buy the leaves sold in bunches at the farmers market. Sadly, I’m not able to find it or grow it here in Florida, U.S.

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