Cowslip Meadow

Yesterday I had a truly inspiring walk through my friend’s farmland, with our very own enthusiastic tour guide, Tinker!

We wandered though endless fields which she is thoughtfully managing and allowing the wild floral and fauna to take hold once again. The meadows contain a huge variety of grasses and flowers, a sight to remind you of your childhood, wandering through warm fields listening to the busy skies of singing skylarks, a place to loose yourself completely. These meadows are flanked by woodland with bluebells and wild garlic, the smell wafting all around us. Tinker caught the scent of roe deer and pheasants, surprising them out of their content slumber and giving us a real treat of the natural wildlife that sat so close to our path.

We then ventured confidently through a curious herd of steers, who picked up pace and keenly followed us up into the next pocket of stock secure land, which I was rather relieved to reach, unscathed thankfully.

The final breathtaking setting is set high on the ridge between two valleys near to Nailsworth, it has the most rare and captivating spectacle of cowslips & ribwort plantain, in natural pasture left to be just as it is.



Roe deer making a quick getaway through the pond


Hmm this was before they started getting a wriggle on!


Hummocks with old and new growth


Still curious!


The colours of emerging new growth in the woodland




Ribwort plantain


Cowslips & Ribwort plantain


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