Early Morning Light

The light one early morning was magical and before heading off to work I had to capture the dew and sun which began to slowly touch every petal as it rose to wake up the valley. This is dahlia La Recoletta who survived last winter without being lifted, she was planted alongside annuals like this Cosmos Double Click Cranberry and other frothy cottage flowers, such as Love in the Mist. Nigella had a huge presence in one of my borders this year and just to make the mix more interesting, I dotted a few nigella African Bride throughout, their seed heads are extraordinary and will be lovely to photograph as they dry and age. Self seeders like Ox-eye daisies are plentiful, as well as poppies though I have no idea which ones they are! It’s time to cut the meadow now, all the rattle and vetch have sown their seed and the tidy up is about to begin, well in a week or so!


IMG_7187 IMG_7184 IMG_7183 IMG_7181 IMG_7180 IMG_7178 IMG_7175 IMG_7174 IMG_7172 IMG_7165 IMG_7157 IMG_7154


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