Misty March

Spring is moving along a pace now, I can barely keep up! 

When I opened the shutters yesterday morning the mist hung heavily in the air and cast an eerie light, the horizon was nowhere to be seen.  It was too irresistible not to capture the threads of spider trails which glistened and sparkled along my crab apples, witchhazel and edgworthia. 

Help was at hand this weekend and my friend Dan and his colleage Pieran came and worked their magic in my garden, tidying, digging, pruning and getting me up and running for some spring planting. The gorgeous four legged Elsa made herself very much at home and loved leaping all over the freshly dug beds, ignoring clear instructions from her master to steer well clear of his hard work!  The jobs were ticked off and a fire was lit a perfect way to start my weekend. 

Thank you Dan for the fire shot! 




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