Spring Sprang and Vanished (just a glitch!)

Last weekend was a joy, everything practically grew in front of my eyes; the pear and apple blossom pushed through and now awaits more sunshine to fatten the buds, the robin was very busy shadowing me and sat on the branches of the crab apples plucking little bugs off. My pots have interestingly come out blue and white with that divine burgundy hyacinth, though the blue I have to say is rogue, one to pick out I think! 

The tulips are really starting to celebrate the sunshine, just wish it would come back and generate heat! The log burner is still lit and just hoping my few logs will see me through this chilly spell, please no more snow though!

The march of the spiders has begun, several are popping up now and though I try careful to fling them out the window, on occasions an odd leg gets left behind, very unintentionally I have to add. Though it was pay back when I discovered a few hundred spiderlings doing acrobats in my landing window, brilliant! No doubt a few slipped through my glass catching!

I have found some beautiful caterpillars today which is lovely, just stick to munching the weeds and not my lovely plants please! 

Primroses, Oxlips, Cowslips, Foxgloves and strawberries (from my old allotment at Putney Vale) have all gone in the ground. I won’t be beaten by slugs either, Nematodes have been sprinkled over all the soil… ready for seeds next weekend!

Anyhow enough rambling, a few images below are just the beginning of production here.



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