Not a Gritter in Sight!

Sitting by the fire and reflecting on the last few days, I thought I’d take the opportunity to update my blog (which I still haven’t really got to grips with!)

The early hours of Friday morning saw the first snowfall of 2013 in Ruscombe and it was truly magical to open the curtains to a beautiful white blanket covering the valley and landscape beyond.

Memories of my childhood came flooding back of a time growing up on a Suffolk vineyard and having milk delivered by helicopter when the snow drifts had completely cut us off.  What wonderful and exciting times they were. 

Nothing quite as dramatic here but the snow certainly settled yesterday and today I’d imagined that gritters or the local farmer would have been carving a passageway along the road, but rather wonderfully the peace and tranquillity has remained, only 2 cars have attempted to make journeys today.  The hills are full of sledgers and their jovial screams are echoing around the horseshoe valley, just wish I’d got a sledge!

My neighbours knocked earlier and I managed a precarious stroll with them around edge of the hillside to the local shop.  They delighted in telling me that earlier in the week 2 Roe deer were in my garden grazing but by the time they’d got a camera to take a photo for me, they’d shot off back up into woodland.  I can’t wait to see this for my own eyes one day. 

The rat in the cavity is still keeping me company and I’m sure we will both be as startled as each other when he finally digs through to join me! Not sure I’d be able to whack it with a spade, knowing me I’d put out a little warm milk for it! 



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