The Morning After

The move was particularly horrid & my civilised slot of noon till 5pm went out the window when the previous mover didn’t complete until 4pm. I was thankfully accompanied by Liz Zealley who was a rock & came garbed with sandwiches & cake, she absorbed my stress very well & saw me through the race to get to Stroud!

We left the keys with the packers & jumped in the car, that was that! No teary goodbye, just longing for peace & quiet. Against the clock we got the keys with minutes to spare & then arrived in glorious sunshine, sat in some canvas chairs & cracked open some pink bubbles. We’d done it!

The packers didn’t leave Battersea till 9pm that night & arrived in Ruscombe at 11.45pm. Streetlights & outside lights? I don’t think so.. just sit with the engine running & the lights going till 2pm! What an arrival. My poor neighbours were twitching the curtains with bright lights glaring at them, I’m sure I didn’t make the best first impression. The rewards when I woke in the morning were endless!



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